FLOWER Hair Tools x Talk Shop

FLOWER Hair Tools x Talk Shop

Hey gorgeous! Did you miss Drew live on Talk Shop with Walmart? 

If you did, we have got you covered! From best practices to an in-depth description on the styling tools, you are in the right place. 

🌸Let's first take a dive into FLOWER'S Titanium Rotating Styling Iron🌸

Great on all hair types, our Titanium Rotating Styling Iron straightens better than a flat iron. Not only can you achieve a sleek gorgeous hairstyle, this tool is so versatile, you can get voluminous curls and waves at the flick of a wrist. We have a no crease policy here at FLOWER and this tool does not disappoint with no creasing and no flattened hair. Leaving you with incredible volume and a frizz-free hairstyle, this styling tool is sure to leave a great impression.

 🌸Next up in the discussion was FLOWER's Ionic Volumizing Styler Brush🌸 

Our motto is, you can never have too much volume. Do you agree? Our Ionic Volumizing Styler Brush provides you with limitless body, that perfect beach wave and effortless curls all with one tool. You can easily brush through to smooth, add shine and tame any flyaways you may have. This styling tool is best or straight, wavy, and fine hair. 

🌸Another one of our favorite talked about tools is FLOWER's Ceramic Straightening Brush🌸

FLOWER's Ceramic Straightening Brush makes styling your hair as simple as brushing your hair! This styling tool is perfect for those days you are short on time or you just want to jump out of bed and have flawless hair in minutes. With most heated styling brlosingoosing heat as you brush, giving inconsistent styling results, our brush’s powerful ceramic heated plates deliver consistent, even temperature across the entire surface with instant heat recovery, delivering better results in less passes!

🌸Lastly, FLOWER's Ionic Pro Hair Dryer & Diffuser Attachment🌸

Want that blowout experience without having to step foot in a salon? This is the dryer for you. Perfect blow dry without flyaways, frizz, extra heat damage, or super long drying times from the comfort of your home. Rather than your normal two-speed heat setting, the Ionic Pro Dryer features dials for customizable heat and airflow.Super lightweight, less than a pound, this colorfully bold Hair Dryer not only prevents cramps in your arm while using - but it will help your countertop look a little bit cuter. While the Diffuser attachment leaves you with beautiful and defined curls from root to tip!

Now that we have highlighted all the FLOWER tools that were discussed, if you want to watch for yourself you can still catch Drew and her girlfriends, HERE!

Thanks for tuning in! 

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