ICYMI: Meet the Jumbo Waver

ICYMI: Meet the Jumbo Waver

Our newest launch, the Jumbo Waver, makes effortless mermaid waves easier than ever. ICYMI, here's everything you need to know about the Jumbo Waver!

1. The Easiest Tool You'll Ever Use
Say goodbye to learning the techniques or tricks when learning a tool. This Waver makes styling so simple.

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2. Gives the Most Beautiful Mermaid Waves

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When you want to hair to look done, but not TOO done, these waves that many refer to as the "s-wave" pattern can be hard to do! Many people use a flat iron to carve and shape the hair into this shape, but all you have to do with the Waver is just insert, hold, and release the hair.

3. Dual Voltage for Overseas Travel

When traveling overseas, you usually have to mess around with converters, learning the voltage, and all other types of difficult stuff. This tool includes dual voltage features so you never have to stress about how to use your tool overseas.

Convinced yet? Shop the Jumbo Waver here!

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