Top Hair Styling Tools For Busy Gals Like You

Top Hair Styling Tools For Busy Gals Like You

It seems like we all identify as busy; needing more time and wanting simpler beauty solutions. Trying to find the extra 45 minutes in the morning before we commute to the office or hop on a Zoom call from our living rooms can be tough. 

That’s why the FLOWER team created hair tools: not only to bring joy and color to your countertops, but also to make hairstyling easier, faster, and fun.

We know you have so many options to choose from when it comes to your hair tools. The FLOWER difference is that you get amazing technology at an affordable price that makes your hair styling faster and easier.

We’ve put together a list of a few of our FLOWER Hair Tools, each one carefully designed with your fabulous hair styling dreams in mind.


Ionic Hair Dryers

You don't have to work at a Salon to have heard about Ionic Hair Dryers, but what exactly are they? Ionic hair dryers emit negatively charged ions. When your hair is wet it has positively charged ions because of the water molecules. Using an Ionic blow-dryer on your hair blows negative ions onto your wet hair which cancels out the positive ones. Science, but make it hair fabulous.

Why does this matter? Because your hair dries much faster and is less exposed to heat; which causes damage. Ionic Hair Dryers, like the FLOWER Ionic Pro Dryer, better help your hair retain moisture, which prevents frizz and flyaways.

Whether you have thick hair and need to get smooth, sleek, frizz-free hair, or you need to add some oomph to thin hair, this dryer is a must-have.

Rotating Irons

The technology we used to develop our FLOWER Titanium Rotating Iron is a complete game-changer. By combining a heated barrel with a brush attachment, all in one fabulous tool, you can add bombshell curls or beachy waves with the flick of the wrist and shoot off to your meeting a whole lot faster.

To get your fab look, simply load your hair between the barrel and brush and work it to style your hair more efficiently.

These brushes contain 2 rows of bristles: the first one separates your hair evenly across the barrel, and the second row smooths and adds incredible shine.

FLOWER Rotating Irons give you the ideal amount of surface area to style your hair with barrels that are 1.25-inch thick and rotates between 100-150 times per minute, super-quick styling. With two rows of bristles your hair is evenly spread across the barrel and you get consistent heat distribution. With the extra 20 minutes in the morning, you can hit that Snooze Button guilt-free.


Hair Straightening Brushes

We are simply in love with our FLOWER Ceramic Straightening Brushes and you will be too. The beauty of these little babies is not only can you fit bigger sections of your hair into a straightening brush, but it also combines the smoothing of a brush with the straightening of a flat iron to give you the ultimate sleek look in minutes.

The heated bristles are the secret behind the fast straightening power of straightening brushes. A simple brush through your hair will give you incredible results, but if you position the brush underneath your hair near the roots and brush while pointing outwards you really get to see the magic of these beauties. 

The FLOWER Ceramic Straightening Brush’s powerful ceramic heated plates delver consistent, even temperature across the entire surface with instant heat recovery, delivering better results in less passes.


Be Bold With FLOWER

To us, being bold means expressing yourself in the way only you can. Whether it's through your hair and makeup or how you choose to decorate your home, being bold is a celebration of what makes you uniquely you whenever and however you want. FLOWER is the way Drew Barrymore and our team can share all of the things we love for creating a life as vibrant and colorful as you dream it can be.



Quick Tip: Whenever you use hot tools, remember to follow styling techniques that minimize hair damage. We want all you to be as BOLD as possible all while keeping the most bouncy and shiny hair possible. Sticking to a complete haircare regimen and continuing to practice healthy lifestyle habits will only help you to achieve Rad Hair Days and skip the Bad Hair Days

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